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      JYP1000 steel support

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      型號 JYP1000

      技術數據Technical data):


      公稱容積(Nominal Capacity                                 1000 升(Liter        

      滿口容積Brimful Capacity                                 1060 升(Liter

      長度 Length                                             1200 毫米(mm

      寬度(Width                                               1000 毫米(mm

      帶托盤高度Height with pallet                               1145 毫米(mm

      灌裝口直徑(Filling opening                                   150 毫米(mm

      放料口直徑(Discharge opening                                50 毫米(mm

      叉車開口(Fork opening                                      100 毫米(mm

      標記板(Label plate                                           2 塊(piece

      護角(Corner Protector                                        4  塊(piece

      重量(Weight)內容器(Inner container                        1 千克(kg

      總重量(Total Weight)約(approx)                               57 千克(kg)

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