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      New factory address: Dantu Industrial Park,  Hengshun Road, Zhenjiang City
      Old factory address: East of Erbaidu Bridge, Runzhou Road, Zhenjiang City
      Tel: 0511-85601858
      Fax: 0511-85518258
      E-mail: Alice@jinshanpack.com


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      Jinshan packaging production, supply, marketing, quality problems regular meeting picture

      Publisher: Zhenjiangshi Runzhou Jinshan Packaging Factory Release time: 2018-8-12 21:19:48 Hits: 280 Close

      Under the leadership of the General Manager's Office, the backbone of Jinshan Packaging Co., Ltd. will analyze and solve the problems of production, supply and marketing every month. The pictures are clipped for the meeting hall!

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      The new factory address: Hengshun Road, Dantu Industrial Park,  Zhenjiang
      The old factory address: East of Erbaidi Bridge, Runzhou Road, Zhengjiang

      Tel: 0511-85512441 Fax: 0511-85518258 E-mail: jinshan@pack.net.cn